TK1593 Flight Tracker

Flight TK1593 flies between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Details about the flight can be found on the flight information screen below.

TK1593 Turkish Airlines Flight Information

*** Flight departure time is according to Istanbul time. Aircraft landing time is according to German time.
Flight Duration : 3 hours 15 minutes
Flight Route: Istanbul – Frankfurt
Airline Company: Turkish Airlines

Flight TK1593 takes off between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Flights take off from Istanbul at 15:30 and land in Frankfurt at 16:45. There may be minor delays in flight times. Arrival times may be early or late. The average landing time is around 16:30 . In other words, we can say that the estimated landing time is a little earlier. The flight you call THY1593 will be the same flight.

With the flight information screen, you can watch the current flights live. You can also view the departure and arrival times of past flights.

TK1593 Flight Time

The estimated flight time is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

TK1593 Flight Tracker

If your flight has taken off, enter our Flight Tracker page and type the aircraft code you want to track in the search box on the flight map screen. If your plane is in the air you will be able to see its location.

If this flight time is not suitable for you, you can choose the TK1588 flight for Istanbul flight. It flies at a different time.

If you want to follow all other flights through airports, you can take a look at our Airport Flight Information article.


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