Oludeniz Fethiye

Oludeniz is a town in Mugla‘s Fethiye district. Oludeniz beaches were chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006 with 82% of votes. The town is quite developed in terms of tourism. It is defined as the land of light and sun in the Lycians, and distant lands in the Middle Ages. It is located on the Teke peninsula in the south-west of Anatolia. It is one of the abalone lagoon formations in Turkey.

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Oludeniz, as the name suggests, is a stagnant lake. While waves form on the shores of Belceğiz on the stormiest days, only a little flutter occurs in Oludeniz. But Ölüdeniz, which seems to be stagnant, renews itself almost every day for three invisible reasons. The first of these is the intense spring water outlets available here. At the bottom, it creates a current from the outlet towards the Mediterranean. Secondly, due to the salt difference created by these natural waters, there is a continuous circulation in and out of the open sea. The third reason is that the sea rises an average of half a meter every two or three days due to the tidal effect.

Oludeniz View
Oludeniz View
Mugla Oludeniz

Oludeniz Legend

The name Belcekiz is also based on a legend. In the past, ships passing through here anchored in the open and brought to the shore with the help of boats to get water for drinking. One day, when the young son of an old captain goes to the bay to get water, he sees the beautiful Belcekiz. He is shot when he sees it.

It’s like a fire falls in the girl’s heart. However, the young man has to take the water and go. The ship moves away and goes. Belcekiz, on the other hand, always watches the shore, the man she loves. The young man, on the other hand, comes here to get water every time he comes. This is how they meet and stay together.

After a while, a storm breaks out as the ship passes here. The young man tells his father that there is a sheltered, pool-like cove here. The old captain knows his son’s heartache. He thinks that his son will risk breaking the ship for the sake of seeing the girl he loves. Along with the waves, it grows in the fight. Just as the ship was about to hit the rocks, the captain throws his son into the sea with a stroke of an oar.

Meanwhile, the sea turns and enters a cove-like a sheet. The boy dies. Belcekiz, who is waiting for her loved one on the rocks, dies by throwing herself from the rocks. Since that day, the place where the girl died is called Belcekız, and the place where the boy died is called Ölüdeniz. The sea, whose color changes according to the progress of the day, maybe burns for a boy or a girl.

Oludeniz Attractions

Fethiye Ölüdeniz, which is one of the most popular tourist places not only in Turkey but also in the world, hosts thousands of tourists every year with its unique natural wonders and assets. When Ölüdeniz is mentioned, the first image that comes to mind is, of course, Ölüdeniz beach with its magnificent natural beauty.

Oludeniz lagoon is to the west of the beach. Surrounded by pine trees and hills, the lagoon gives a very narrow passage to the open sea. The protected area is a natural wonder with its beautiful sandy beach and warm turquoise sea. We guarantee that you will fall in love with Oludeniz beach and lagoon, which has managed to enter the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world many times.

Kidrak Cove

Oludeniz Kidrak Bay
Kidrak Cove

Another natural wonder we recommend you to visit is Kıdrak Bay. Kıdrak Bay, located 4 km from Belcekiz, is an ideal one-day recreation area with its dense pine trees and clean beach.

Butterfly Valley

Oludeniz Butterfly Valley
butterfly Valley

Another important place on your way is Butterfly Valley. It is a little difficult to enter the valley, which takes its name from the tiger butterflies seen here in July and August. But there are regular boat tours from Ölüdeniz to here. Daily boat tours are made almost every day at 11:00 from Belcekiz beach. Apart from the valley of butterflies, St. Nicholas island and other small coves in the surrounding area are among the places you can easily visit. Details are in our Butterfly Valley article.


Oludeniz Babadag

Another place you can visit is Babadag. Babadag, the place where the first paragliding was made in the region, is also a touristic center. Here you can do activities such as a nice nature walk and camping.

In addition, Saklıkent Canyon, Patara Ancient City, Tlos Ancient City, and Kabak Valley, which are located close to Oludeniz, are among the places you can visit.

Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz Beach

A 3 km long beach is a paradise where green and blue mingle. You can enter from Ölüdeniz nature park for a fee. The seaside is big and small, rocky and stones are a bit slippery. The other side is shallow and you can easily leave your children by the sea. Just like its name, Ölüdeniz is the apple of the eye of Fethiye with its calm and fine sandy beach.

Oludeniz Beach Entrance Fee

Entry fee per person 15 TL, if you are going to enter with your car, you have to pay 40 TL. Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, whether by car or on foot, are chargeable. Sunbed fee is 35 TL.

Oludeniz Accommodation

There are many qualified hotels, hostels, and camping sites in the town. In this town where all kinds of sea sports are practiced, you can do mountaineering, safari, hiking and rafting.

The sugar beach club:
It is located on the coast of Kumburnu, which has an enchanting feature on the shores of the blue lagoon region, which is mind-blowing with its turquoise waters.

Paradise garden hotel:
It is a point where nature and serenity intersect. Paradise Garden Hotel, located on the right slope when descending to Ölüdeniz, has a magnificent and unique nature, where it descends from the peaks of the Taurus Mountains and meets the dark blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Turan Hill Lounge: Located on the 
Lycian Way
, the property is only a 5-minute walk from the seaside. Surrounded by lush nature, this resort also houses an outdoor swimming pool.

Beyaz Dolphin Hotel: It
is a 7-room hotel on the seafront in Fethiye, Kizil island. Attracting attention with its magnificent view, the hotel has the distinction of being one of the few locations where you can benefit from all the blessings of nature. The white dolphin, on the other hand, is praised for its cuisine. This facility, which is especially famous for its lobsters, also has a terrace overlooking the sea in every room of the hotel.

Where is Oludeniz?

Ölüdeniz is connected to Fethiye district of Muğla province . Transportation to Fethiye by road is extremely simple.

How to go?

Three highways in connection with AntalyaMuğla, and Burdurprovide very easy transportation to the visitors of Fethiye with a comfortable journey between the pine trees.

Fethiye is approximately 15 km away and takes about half an hour by car. Muğla, on the other hand, is about 130 km away and takes approximately two hours and 10 minutes by car. Istanbul, on the other hand, is 810 km on average. It takes about eleven hours and thirty minutes with your car.

Map and Location

For those going to the region, you can find the map and transportation alternatives in the location information section.

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