İncekum Plajı Muğla

Incekum beach is one of the wonderful beaches of the Aegean and when you arrive at the beach, you will encounter a deep blue, clean and clear sea. The sea begins to gradually deepen approximately 5 meters after the land. It is generally preferred by families as it is an extremely quiet and clean area. The blue of the sea will really fascinate you.

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Information About Incekum Beach

Although it is difficult to find such a clean sea today, this place will appear as clean as a paradise. There are several hotels and bars close to the beach. You can also enjoy your meals in restaurants. The region is extremely touristic, so you will never have any problems with accommodation.

There are camping areas very close to the beach. You can camp in these areas with caravans and tents. The taste of having a picnic in this area where you have the sea in front of you and the forest behind you will be different. In this wonderful location that you can choose for your holiday, you will truly experience both the serenity and entertainment, the sea and the forest together. You can also visit the banana, grapefruit and tangerine gardens around the beach and enjoy these fruits.


Incekum Beach How is the Sea and Sand?

The sea of ​​the beach is extremely clear, clean and clear. The gradually deepening sea is ideal for individuals who are just learning to swim. Even after you’ve advanced ten meters, the water will still only come up to your knee. For this reason, the sea of ​​this beach is extremely safe for children. The sea is really clean and blue. The sand of the beach is fine sand just like its name.

Incekum Beach Sea and Sand
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The sands are extremely fine and soft. There is no cracking of any kind. Just behind the beach is the forest. For this reason, the sands leave their place to the soil after a certain distance. It is a really nice place to sunbathe, play in the sand, and swim. It attracts attention and gains even more value, especially with its calmness and not being overcrowded.

Incekum Beach Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to the beach is 60₺. You have to pay 40₺ for the sunbed. After pulling your car to the parking lot, access to the beach is provided by tractor trailers.

Incekum Beach
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Marmaris Incekum Beach Lodge
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Where is Incekum Beach

The beach is in the Çamlı village of the Marmaris district of Muğla province. It is possible to reach the region both by your own vehicle and by public transportation.

How to get to incekum beach

There are minibusses coming from the bus station and center of Marmaris to the region. The first minibus from Çamlı village to Marmaris is at 07:30 in the morning. The last minibus from Marmaris to the village is at 22:30 in the evening. Dolmus services are arranged to be every hour.

If you want to come to the region with your own vehicle, you need to enter the Çamlı village turnoff 13 kilometers after leaving Marmaris in the direction of Muğla. After 8 kilometers following the village road, you reach the beach.

Map and Location

You can find the map and transportation alternatives for the beach in the location information section.

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