Cicek Passage

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Istanbul Cicek Passage History

Due to its location, it has the characteristics of a passage since it is opened to Taksim Istiklal Street and Theater Street. It consists of 24 shops and 18 luxury flats. Some of the shops operating in the passage in the first 30 years; Maison Parret and Vallaury’s patisserie, Nakumara’s Japanese store, Dulas’ Natural florist, Schumacher’s bakery famous for pastries, Yorgo’s tavern, Keserjian’s tailor shop, Acemyan’s tobacco shop, Hristo’s cafe.

Cicek Passage Entrance

In 1908Grand Vizier Küçük Said Pasha took the ownership of Hristaki Passage, and it is said that many flower shops were opened during the armistice years. Thus, the name of Hristaki Passage was changed to Cicek Passage. Opened in the 1940s, its tavern, especially the famous Nektar Brewery, attracted a lot of customers. It is said that in 1950 and after, florists started to move to different places, and taverns took their place.

The arcade building collapsed abruptly in 1978 due to neglect. The passage was not maintained until 1988. However, the Municipality wanted this historical passage to be revived. Therefore, the project was started under the name of “Association for the Survival and Beautification of the Flower Passage”. The aim was to put the passage back into service. After the completion of the ongoing project for Cicek Passage, it started to operate again in 2005.

Cicek Pasaji Taverns

The passage is available from a 3-story building, and it is known that the main material was made of stone. Çiçek Pasajı is an ostentatious passage and is known as the most ornate building in Beyoğlu. The building bears influences from the 19th century. The decorations in the building and the beauty of its architecture are praised. There are lion and human heads in the middle of the upper floor of the building.


Daylight of the Passage
Cicek Pasaji Taverns
Glass Ceiling
Cicek Pasaji Pictures
Flower Passage Pink Lights
Cicek Pasaji Taverns
Flower Passage Glass Ceiling
Flower Passage

Where is Cicek Passage?

The passage located in the province of Istanbul is located in Hüseyinağa Neighborhood, on Istiklal Street.

How to go?

There are many options for those who will go to the passage. Some of those;

You can use the nostalgic tram to go to the passage. The closest stop to the passage is the nostalgic tram stop. The last line is the Beyoğlu-Taksim line.

You can also go to the passage by using IETT buses. The nearest bus stop is Ömer Hayyam bus stop, and the lines passing by are; It is the Çağlayan-Eminönü and Çağlayan-Yenikapı line.

You can also go to the passage by using the İDO car ferry. The closest stop is Sirkeci İDO ferry station. passing lines; Sirkeci-Harem and Bakırköy-Bostancı lines.

Map and Location

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